inspiration where are you ?

I have been left without inspsiration and the minute amount of it that I did have has been lost. I can no longer bring myself into tapping into my feelings and writing some of my best poetry. I have lost the one thing that defined me and I keep on counting the hours I wonder what ifs?
What if I never get it back?
What if I can’t right because I am not honest with myself?
what if I could no longer let lose with myself who else would I have to share my feelings if?
What if I can’t even acknowledge my feelings/emotions?

On saturday I felt a great poem coming on but as soon as I got my phone out to write it I lost the verse and therefore my poem. It was devastating, I felt that one it was going to be good. Maybe I should start doing the original way with pen and paper, maybe I have to go back to where I started from in order to later on get to the same place I was a week ago or to an even better place which would be great.  I just hope to find inspiration again because I would hate to lose it. Once I lose that I lose myself and thats the one person I want to hold on to.


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