I mean I really dont know #venting

Life has been playing games with me or rather I have been playing games with it,some may call life a she giving the word human characteristics other wise known as personification, which is a little ironic since life is the motion of the living. Get it? No? Okay. I guess what I am really saying is that life is testing me after I tried to test it, except me testing life went on for all of five minutes and life testing me has gone on for about two years. Im not saying its not suppose to happen but it sucks. I hate games umless their written down in a book, possibly one for dummies, and since there is not one for life yet I am shit out of luck. The good thing is that everyone else is on the same boat. So here we are all doing different things but ending up in the same place one way or another. Life explores a game I don’t want to lose at so ill just go on for the ride. I rather lose trying than lose without a fight. Yup, you can call me ambitious.


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