Questioning College. WHAT ?!

Have you ever spent so much time envisioning your future life that you find that you can no longer concentrate on other things going on? I felt that way today. I just kept on thinking about my life in a magazine where I feel like I belong. Long hours and tired days i don’t mind as long as I’m doing what I love, writing and creating a vision for others to see.

I never thought of working at a magazine but know that I have met with people who do it and talk to people who share their experience with me I honestly take that into consideration. I even started questioning college. That’s crazy. But I mean if I get the job I want before College to get why go to College if that would be the end result anyway. Not saying that it is off the possibilities but it is going against some things that if my dedication and time allows for it to happen, it will come into question. 


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