I believe in me, do you?

What I find most interesting is reading about peoples lives and what they go through, it just makes them that much more real. Living in a society full of people trying to find who they are(high school) I find myself sometimes lost in translation as well and reading blogs where people talk about their struggles is extremely comforting.

I find myself questioning and re-evaluating myself constantly as if I were not good enough, and most of the time I start to believe that I am not. Thats when I turn to writing and surprise myself along with the process of writing word after word to create a sentence that might change my mood and in a wider scale my life. Something I dont know which course it might take but Im excited to see how I might live through it.

I hope to be an inspiration and have people view me like I view Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift, Pink, Eminem, Macklemore, Imagine Dragon, and so many other artist that have proved that they can make a difference. Their lyrics put words together that might save someone life, I know they all helped to save mine. If I were to ever get off the course I am striving to stay on to continue to be successful I hope that someone remembers me as this ambitious young girl right now and would work to bring me back to that me that I had lost. I know I would do the same thing. Helping someone with a dream its a miracle within itself. I believe in me, do you?


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