writing is not just words
its my thoughts put down to words
its my feelings escaping out
but most importantly its my story

one I hope someone would relate to
im sorry to say that its my favorite thing
not school

if life was the way I wanted it
I would be writing everyday
and my hardwork will pay off because im doing something I love

writing are my thoughts
put down
to tell a story
someone could relate to

writing is not just a hobby
its sonething that saves you
its essential
like a pen or a house

it is my pen and my house
not because I write in my house
but because it allows me to put down my thoughts
no white out needed
and just like a home it keeps me safe and protect
from my largest enemy
me and my bottled up feelings

who would I be without writing?
thats a question I ask myself everyday
its the answer im affraid of knowing
once I regain the answer
ill know I have lost myself
so next time someone says what is writing i’ll say
its my life and nothing less


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