unspoken words

I can’t do it she says
but there is nothing she is doing
the pressure shoves her face down to the floor
and leaves it there
she breathes hesitantly and says okay

the work piles up and she gives in
the pressure to much
is like she is trapped behind the door
with no way in
she drowns with her surrows full of sympathy where there is none
she feels she is being pushed with a forced that does not give her a chance to catch up

to where her feet once stood
to where in her life everything was good
to where she was happy and her school was too
being around her brings everyone down
her excuses turn into flames infront of you
that you try to pass through
the work piles up and the anger builds in

she doesnt notice the pain she causes
she is the only one who has felt this way
but there was a time where I too was pushed
matte of fact im pushed eveyday
sometimes walking so fast I have no idea where im being taken
no idea whats next
I can no longer feel my feet

and as her work piles up so does mine
cuz me and her are one
but she hasnt seen it yet
how when shes pushed done to the floor so am I
her pain drags me done on top of my pain
of a father who is gone and a mother who is disappearing
but I have no time to complain
because the more I complain the more I get dragged under

see me and her are one
there is no you and I or you and then I
there is no me then you
there is only us
next time yoy complain just know as u go down I go down with you
I care but we are lost

in a world who does not hesistate
in a world who pressure will constantly be present
we are lost because you no longer can find yourself and I can no longer find you


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